Kodiak Island Ferry Booked

Well it’s on……I leave on the ferry to Kodiak island at 2a.m. tomorrow morning then return weds @ 8a.m. I’m just gonna wing it on the camping/lodging thing. I talked to a ranger on the island & they said the 3 campgrounds have room & I’m on the next ferry sooo…. should be good.


Kodiak gal!


This is quite possibly the coolest laundromat EVER!


Well no other pix today. I just hung around visiting with some me friends at the campground I’d met & did laundry…..I showed y’all the kick azz laundromat & the unreliable fish (halibut) & chips I had. But I’ll post the pics once more. I’m getting on the ferry btw midnight & 2 a.m. We sail at 2a.m. it’s a 9 hour ride.

Ttyl ttfn

Kodiak gal

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