Flight back to Fairbanks

Good morning all… well it’s about to start. I’m at seatac…all checked in & awaiting my flight to Fairbanks. Already missing my Polar bear big time. But I’ll have a part of him with me…. you see he entrusted me with Poley the Polar bear. His mascot to accompany me. He’ll be riding right by Blackie my mascot my sis Lisa Gaskill Pinder & nephew Hunter Pinder gave me (see pic) just b4 I left on this adventure. A special thank you again to Jeananne Onstayan for helping me with my site overlandgal.com. She is getting my blog repopulated with my fb posts. It’s lookin good. Plz check it out. It should be done in a bit. She’s awesome with this stuff….. I’m a spaz when it comes to that but she’s teaching me.

God bless & she travels to all

Kodiak gal aka overlandgal.com


Well I’m on de plane, de plane lol. They changed gates on me at the last minute…. that almost involved some bail monies. They didn’t like that I gave my opinion…. oh well.

Tt y’all later

Kodiak gal signing off for now


Well I’m in Fairbanks & Randy Owensjust texted me & he’s pulling into the house…… all’s good with the Polar bear/Kodiak gal team. I’ll be at Trails end BMW in the a.m.



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