Alaska 2019 Resumes

Well Alaska’19 resumes…. I’m just getting on the road after a re-packing. You can follow me on my wesite…. y’all take care & say a prayer or 2 for the BESTEST riding partner & friend one can have the Polar bear Randy Owens. Look for the daily posts again.. thank you one & all for the kind words & support.

Kodiak gal rides again!


Hello all, wel my first day went okieeeee dokieeee…. but left Fairbanks in some rain that just pretty much continued to Denali but no biggie it was still nice. I keep lookin for my Polar bear ( Randy Owens) but he’s only there in my mind. He’s doin pretty good. I just talked with him a bit ago. I didn’t think I could get a signal here at the Denali Grizzly bear campground but found out I get a short time for free. I’ll share a few pix but I was cruising along & came upon a moose that was quite large & no one was around to scare it so I went a lot closer than I probably should have…but it was a moving experience. I don’t recommend anyone pull this kinda stunt but I’m kinda not rite in the head when it comes to approaching animals in the wild.

So tomorrow I’ll be stopping in Talkeetna to talk with a real estate agent & make some kinda contact, then onto Anchorage to maybe meet Jade Laughlin & co, then on down into Homer & the Salty dawg saloon & hopefully camp on the beach with the black bears…. we’ll see.

Y’all have a blessed nite

Kodiak gal

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