Sunshine Lake B&B

Well we’re carless & in the Dimond center hotel. All’s good…. when departing the Sunshine lake b&b I took a few pix off her 8 person cabin & the main house. Breakfast was a awesome as the fellowship with the other guests. We’re gonna just relax tonight. There’s a large tub & I was gonna do a nice soak but………I walked over to Walmart to pic up a few things for him & myself…. including Mr Teals lavender bath salts…… guess what…..I left the bath salts on the bag rounder, uggghhhhhhh.

Y’all have a good nite

Lori aka

View of Mt McKinley took our breath away

Well we’ve landed in Talkeetna Ak. It’s all I thought it would be on steroids. Didn’t take a lot of pix but I’ll be back once I continue the adventure in about 10 days or so. Randy Owens & I saw some breathtaking views of Mt McKinley…… the most breathtaking though we both agreed a pic just could not do it justice so neither of us took a pic. GET UP HERE & SEE IT FOR YOURSELF….. that’s the mission right. Get out & see the beauty……we had a great pizza at Mountain High pizza pie (see pic). We’re at a lovely b&b that we stumbled upon, called the Sunshine lake b&b owned & ran by a lovely woman named Nancy Wilson Larson (see pic) I would highly recommend this little place to any travelers in the area. She’s not on any of the booking websites because she wants to keep her nightly rates “fair” & fair they are.

Y’all have a nice nite…. happy 4th & remember…. “ditch the screen experience the dream” get out & live this wonderful life……

Kodiak gal & the Polar bear

Cruise Ship Option Prevails

Well what a difference a day makes. This was a real team effort….. getting out of Alaska wound up being much tougher than any of us expected. He couldn’t fly because of the pneumothorax, no prob we’ll just rent a one way motorhome I thought. Called Cruise America….explained the situation, sure we’ll just have to get it approved thru fleet on mon. Nope not gonna happen. No prob plan “b” get a rental car & I’ll drive him home in that……nope not one of the major agencies allows a one way from Ak. Well how bout a cruise ship then….. finally a huge thank you to Gini Owens, Dana Spafford & Drew, Mark & Julie McClellan. Plus many GS Giants & adv riders all over we’re gonna be headed home. Got a rental car we’re taking to Anchorage, then a uber to Whittier. Get on a Princess Cruise ship for a 7 day to Vancouver. Gini will be meeting us in Vancouver to take us to Seattle. Then I’ll be flying back to Fairbanks to get my outfit & Randy Owens wants to see me finish the adventure along with my sis Lisa Gaskill Pinder sooooooooo I’m gonna do it. Ak 2019 is back on. Sadly without my wing man the Polar bear but he’ll be watching me & following me. I’ve very mixed emotions but I’m gonna do it. Kodiak island here I come. I know I speak for Randy & his family when I say. A HUGE THANK YOU & GOD BLESS FOR ALL YOU’RE SUPPORT & VERY KIND WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.

Were kinda rough & tattered but…..

Kodiak gal & the Polar bear

Randy is making nice progress

Well we’ve had another productive day here in Fairbanks. Randy Owens made some nice progress. The morning started out a little rough, but he took another nap that did a world of good……went for 1 walk then we went for a 2nd walk & sat by the window…. and I said it’s a real nice day outside how about if I get some wheels & wheel you outside. After a few seconds thought he said can we do that? Well I’ll just find out……..sooooooo.

Y’all have a nice evening

Kodiak gal & Polar bear

Thank you for all the support.

It’s a blessed Sunday morning…. I’ve kinda had my dance card full the last few days, but I’ve also been having moments to read the comments, well wishes & support for my/our situation. It’s been overwhelming & very awesome. Thank you all so very much for the kind words. It is very unfortunate that this happened but it could have been much worse.

The hack axle failure makes no sense but it happened. We certainly put our rides to the test with around 2300 miles on some very aggressive, rough & bad dirt roads. There will be a return to finish my Alaska adventure. But so very much on my dream bucket list that has been growing over 40 years has been accomplished. It’s been unbelievably awesome to share this with Randy Owens & so very many of you. He’s added so much joy & excitement to this adventure & turned me onto some routes & roads I never thought of taking. One of these days I’ll get to Kodiak island to see those famous bears & hopefully y’all will be a part of that adventure. It’s gonna be awesome. Again thank you all for the support.

Right now it’s looking like a drive in a rented motorhome to get Randy home is going to be the bestest option but we’re taking it day by day. Well let y’all know.

God bless & have a great Sunday I know I will at my friend Randy’s side.


Lori-Kodiak Gaskill


Ok all. We had a pretty productive day. He’s still in some pain for sure but the Polar bear ( Randy Owens) is a tough one. It’s gonna be a road to full recovery, but it’s also one day at a time. Each day is getting a little better.

Keep the prayers & well wishes comin. He’s seeing them all & it means a lot.

God bless & good nite

Kodiak gal & Polar bear

Catastrophic Failure

We’ve had a great time to this point. But Alaska 2019 has come to a end. We’ve had a kinda catastrophic failure with one of the outfits that is stopping the trip. I’m not at this point giving any details but I won’t be doing any posts for at least a few days. Good bless & take care. Thank you for all you’re support.

Kodiak gal

Dalton Highway Again

Good evening friends…. today will be a short one although we did meet up with a solo rider from Brazil that we had dinner with in Prudhoe bay as well as made a few new friends in Coldfoot. Then we met up again in Yukon & rode together. We got down to Fairbanks & went to the bmw dealer & got a air filter for my bike. Also met some real nice guys there. Bryan was a real nice guy. We also met a truck driver that runs the haul road (aka the Dalton hwy) that saw us both going north & then again going south. He thought it was really cool to meet us in person. We’re camped in a Alaska state campground for the night. We’ll be heading south to Denali in the morning.


Prudhoe Bay

Ok today was a pretty straightforward one…. not.. it was another awesome ride. Did a little bike maint then took off from Prudhoe bay but not b4 leaving the overlandgal mark. It’s on the historic Prudhoe bay store sign (see pix). Them were heard south in perfect weather this time. It started perfect all the way to Coldfoot where we are camped again. We saw acow moose & 2 calfs hangin in a pond & I got a few pix. It was a epic ride, ohhhh yea & I finally felt the tundra…. what a beautiful feeling. Very soft. Well gonna get some rest…. cheers

Lori aka kodiak gal aka

Made it to Coldfoot

This is gonna be brief….. really no signal….. but I’ll try…..we did it 2 Arctic circle crossings in 2 weeks. The Dalton is grueling in some places. We got a late start but we crossed the Arctic circle & made it to coldfoot along with 59 billion mosquitoes…. it was a beautiful ride until 20 miles from Coldfoot then the temp dropped & the rain started but it’s all good. Nite all gonna get some rest. Tomorrow Deadhorse & the Arctic ocean etc..


Hello all……well we made it & it was a spectacular ride….we left Coldfoot this morning & it was 54 degrees, when we started up Attigan pass it was 49, when we got to the top it was 32 & a heavy fog. We had that for about 60 miles & temps in the high 30’s. Very muddy & slick but it was still awesome. When we got to the end of the Dalton there was the Arctic ocean still somewhat frozen over. Pretty spectacular. I’ll be doing my toe in it tomorrow as I promised dad. We saw numerous Muskox (didn’t ever think I’d see them in the wild) as well as some large numbers of caribou. I hope you enjoy the pix. We’re in a room in Prudhoe bay for the night. Tent camping is not recommended or allowed depending on who you talk to.

Have a blessed night, I’ll be watchin for the bears roaming around….

Kodiak gal