My Vision

Paying It Forward

An important part of my life has been to “pay it forward” like my mentors taught me too. That has always been a driving force. That is my vision with

On you can follow along in real time on my adventures and see first hand how I build an overland vehicle. I share also how I prep and outfit for a back country adventure whether by motorbike or vehicle. Lastly, I offer tips that will help you plan, with both safety and efficiency in mind, a round trip adventure with resulting wonderful memories and not horror stories.

For the youth. 

My soul quest is to call the youth of North America back to nature. While the advent of technology has been incredible many have no desire to experience nature in real time and real-life anymore. So many are totally content to view life from the restrictions of their bedrooms via computers, smart phones and most recently, virtual tours.

My goal is to inspire youth to ask their parents and family to take them to a park, on a camping trip or a day adventure to locations and events that may very well be around them that they did not even know about. To achieve this I will be sharing my adventures with real time tracking and blog posts via, social media and through my personal visitations to participating schools and groups. Overall, I wish to spread love, respect and care for the wilderness and mother nature.

To achieve my goal to raise donations for a multitude of childrens charities I will be establishing a new program called as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Along side all my future collaborative partners my dream can only be enhanced to inspire, educate and provide mentorship in bigger and bigger ways for the youth of America. I plan to ralley together other overlanders and sponsers that will become trusted partners in my venture which will allow for an even wider fellowship.

Once established, the youth of America will also have the opportunity to give back input during my adventures and help steer the future of my travel. Campouts and short trips with the children and their families could even be possible.

If you would like to contribute to my vision in any way please contact me at