My Bio

From the very young age of about eight when I went on my first trip to the eastern High Sierras with my family I knew I was meant to spend my life in the wilderness. Whether in the deserts of the Southwest or the most remote wilderness of Alaska; that is where I am most at home.

I have spent my life learning by educating myself and seeking out mentors to develop a very unique skill set. My life has been a never-ending quest for knowledge on many fronts including: advanced mechanical skills, welding and fabrication, electrical engineering, automotive design and development, mountaineering and survival skills among many others.

I raced off-road for seven years and four-wheeled everything from the Rubicon to Moab. I have worked as a welder/fabricator, crane mechanic, race car developer/mechanic and more. I’ve taken many things from a simple idea to a working product. For the last 25 years I have been an owner/operator truck driver in two very specialized segments of the transportation industry. Overall, I have over 3.4 million miles traveled between my overland adventures, my racing career and my trucking life. Yet, there is so much still to see and experience!

Some, even in my own family, wonder if I am ever going to slow down. That answer is simply “NO.”  I love life and desire to experience all of its natural wonders and beauty as long as I am able to.

On you can follow along in real time on my adventures and see first hand how I build an overland vehicle. I share also how I prep and outfit for a back country adventure whether by motorbike or vehicle. I hope to offer tips that will help you plan, with both safety and efficiency in mind, a round trip adventure with resulting wonderful memories and not horror stories.

Lastly, I am humbled when I think about the exclusive communities I have been included in over the years and the ones I am still part of. Thank you for the outstanding opportunities to grow and “pay it forward” at higher and higher levels.

Lori R. Gaskill