Kodiak Island Ferry Booked

Well it’s on……I leave on the ferry to Kodiak island at 2a.m. tomorrow morning then return weds @ 8a.m. I’m just gonna wing it on the camping/lodging thing. I talked to a ranger on the island & they said the 3 campgrounds have room & I’m on the next ferry sooo…. should be good.


Kodiak gal!


This is quite possibly the coolest laundromat EVER!


Well no other pix today. I just hung around visiting with some me friends at the campground I’d met & did laundry…..I showed y’all the kick azz laundromat & the unreliable fish (halibut) & chips I had. But I’ll post the pics once more. I’m getting on the ferry btw midnight & 2 a.m. We sail at 2a.m. it’s a 9 hour ride.

Ttyl ttfn

Kodiak gal

Some pics!

Ok I had my post almost done & fb stopped. So I’m just going to post a bunch of pix with captions. I’ll do another tonight. I’m on the Homer spit in a campground. Getting to Kodiak island is proving to be a little more of a challenge. I’m gonna work on that this a.m. after I get a shower..Y’all have a good day

Kodiak gal….Lori

Homer Spit, Salty Dawg Saloon

To all following my adventure…. sorry bout today & yesterday….. I’ll be catching up in the a.m. I’m on the Homer spit. Big bucket list thingy for me. I went to the Salty Dawg saloon. I’ll do a post with pix in the a.m. Here’s a teaser…

Kodiak gal

Alaska 2019 Resumes

Well Alaska’19 resumes…. I’m just getting on the road after a re-packing. You can follow me on my wesite overlandgal.com…. y’all take care & say a prayer or 2 for the BESTEST riding partner & friend one can have the Polar bear Randy Owens. Look for the daily posts again.. thank you one & all for the kind words & support.

Kodiak gal rides again!


Hello all, wel my first day went okieeeee dokieeee…. but left Fairbanks in some rain that just pretty much continued to Denali but no biggie it was still nice. I keep lookin for my Polar bear ( Randy Owens) but he’s only there in my mind. He’s doin pretty good. I just talked with him a bit ago. I didn’t think I could get a signal here at the Denali Grizzly bear campground but found out I get a short time for free. I’ll share a few pix but I was cruising along & came upon a moose that was quite large & no one was around to scare it so I went a lot closer than I probably should have…but it was a moving experience. I don’t recommend anyone pull this kinda stunt but I’m kinda not rite in the head when it comes to approaching animals in the wild.

So tomorrow I’ll be stopping in Talkeetna to talk with a real estate agent & make some kinda contact, then onto Anchorage to maybe meet Jade Laughlin & co, then on down into Homer & the Salty dawg saloon & hopefully camp on the beach with the black bears…. we’ll see.

Y’all have a blessed nite

Kodiak gal

Flight back to Fairbanks

Good morning all… well it’s about to start. I’m at seatac…all checked in & awaiting my flight to Fairbanks. Already missing my Polar bear big time. But I’ll have a part of him with me…. you see he entrusted me with Poley the Polar bear. His mascot to accompany me. He’ll be riding right by Blackie my mascot my sis Lisa Gaskill Pinder & nephew Hunter Pinder gave me (see pic) just b4 I left on this adventure. A special thank you again to Jeananne Onstayan for helping me with my site overlandgal.com. She is getting my blog repopulated with my fb posts. It’s lookin good. Plz check it out. It should be done in a bit. She’s awesome with this stuff….. I’m a spaz when it comes to that but she’s teaching me.

God bless & she travels to all

Kodiak gal aka overlandgal.com


Well I’m on de plane, de plane lol. They changed gates on me at the last minute…. that almost involved some bail monies. They didn’t like that I gave my opinion…. oh well.

Tt y’all later

Kodiak gal signing off for now


Well I’m in Fairbanks & Randy Owensjust texted me & he’s pulling into the house…… all’s good with the Polar bear/Kodiak gal team. I’ll be at Trails end BMW in the a.m.



Randy is delivered to his wife safe & sound.

Well good morning all. We’re off the ship & Randy Owens is delivered safely & soundly to his wife Gini…. alls good. We’re headed down bc99 into te states now. Updates later.

Y’all have safe travels….

Lori, Randy & Gini


Well there ya go…. they’re back together & happy. We just had a nice dinner & we’re settling in for the night. The preverbial torch has been passed. I’ll be flying out Monday morning to Fairbanks & they’ll be headed home tomorrow by car. Safe travels to them.

Nite y’all

Kodiak gal, Polar bear & Gini

Katchikan and Dumbo

Good morning all. Randy Owens is up there getting done good rest. We took a nice tram tour of Juneau yesterday & visited a salmon hatchery. Then got back to the ship & had some dinner. We watched the movie Dumbo on the huge deck screen on loungers. It was cool. This morning was a little rough as he rolled in the night & slept a little more prone than he should have but drowned some meds & he’s snoozing. We’ve gotten into Katchikan a little sooner than scheduled but it’s raining so not sure what the day will hold.

Y’all have safe travels & go take on the day……

Kodiak gal & the Polar bear

Hello from Juneau, Alaska

Hello all from Juneau Ak. I hope this finds all well & healthy. Got a brief signal again. Randy Owens is doing well. We actually got off the boat in Skagway & did a little train/tour then he did a very slow assisted, walk around the town. It’s was a very nice productive day in his recovery. We’re getting closer to Vancouver. But all things considered this has been very good for him & (me). Been a interesting experience for sure.

Safe travels to all

Lori & Randy

Skagway, Alaska

A brief message to all….. everything is going well. Randy Owens is still experiencing pain at times for sure but that will be for a while yet. We’re managing the discomfort pretty well though.

Neither of us is going to buy a internet package. So today we’re in Skagway Ak. We should have a bit of a signal I think. But he’s doing well, relaxing & on the mend…. we’ll be in Vancouver on Sat & my posts will start again then.

Safe journeys to all


My First Cruise

Well y’all were here safe & sound. At the cruise terminal awaiting the boarding. Our next big adventure to get Randy Owens home to Gini. She’ll be meeting us in Vancouver. Then I’ll be flying back to Fairbanks. Neither of us have ever cruised so not sure how my signal will work. My sis Lisa Gaskill Pinder said I might have to buy internet so I’m probably not going to do that….. but we’ll see.

Signing off for now

Kodiak gal & the Polar bear