Back home now.

Welp, made it home all safe & sound. The gs hack nestled in the garage. Do a little organizing in the morning then start the tear down to finish-then prep for Overland expo Mar 16-19 or so, then (hooray) Alaska ’19 adv. Thanks to Randy Owens who also showed up a hour or so after I got home to help with the finish of the gs along with my nephew Cody Pinder! We’ll getter done!

Photo of GS Sidecar before I went to work on it

Randy Owens captured a photo before I started to work on it

April 28, 2019 update from Randy Owens

“Lori R. Gaskill is a hard line , focused gal when a project gets before her. Katy bar the doors, as she preps and makes her hack all hers. It’s coming along really swell. Awesome GS1200 water cooled ,2015 model . Give this lady two more weeks and it’s a fire breathing , rip snort’n monster of a hack. I rode over from Central CA to assist in all this and I’m about done and headed home tomorrow. We meet again soon for adventure to the Arctic Ocean on these two hacks. Nevada will never be the same with Lori running this hack around😂.”

Say hello to my new sidecar outfit.

Photo of new BMW GS sidecar outfit
New BMW GS sidecar outfit when I picked it up

Happy Easter to all. God bless. Pickin’ up my gs sidecar outfit today here in Pa & headed west! Look for the Ram & a uhaul with the mini bmw gs. If ya see me say hi. Headed to Mi first then home to finish the gs & prep it along with Randy Owens to do the next big adv. Alaska adv ’19! First overland expo in Flagstaff then headed north! Thank you to Claude Stanley & the crew for building me a very awesome sidecar outfit. Was a bit of a road to get here but a very high quality piece as I expected. God bless us all & safe travels to all

Photo of GS sidecar outfit on trailer
New GS sidecar loaded up on trailer and heading home

Road Trippin’ to pick up new GS sidecar outfit.

ROAD TRIPPIN’: ok all my friends, I’m gettin’ ready to head east this mornin’ to pick up my gs sidecar outfit. If ya happin’ to see a white Ram 2500 that has on the windows give a shout out. The plan right now is I15n to I70 E. I’ll probably see you b4 you do me. Safe travels to all!

Alaska Adventure 2019 is ON!

This is it, finally this is the year! 42 years ago I started dreaming of crossing the Arctic circle & dipping my toe in the Arctic ocean! The original plan, Alaska adv ’18 had a major bump in the road but Ak adv ’19 is on. Dad, mom & buddy are watching from the heavens but they’ll have the bestest seat in the house. The rest will be able to follow me here on, Facebook and through the Garmin link I’ll provide.